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GRAVY TRAIN: Fried Chicken

September 2nd, 2014 by Matt

London’s most exquisite fried chicken providers are returning with another pop up event, this time at The Myddleton Arms in Islington – this Saturday and Sunday. The event carries on from where their highly successful one-week Brixton pop up left off. Come and eat chicken.

The Myddleton Arms
52 Canonbury Road,
N1 2HS London

Event page HERE.






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City Break: Me, Money and Pari’

September 2nd, 2014 by ODESSA

My brother (Money) and I ventured across the pond to see what was popping in the French capital not so long ago.. In all honesty, I had my preconceptions about Paris as a whole since last going in my younger years; be it from close friend’s experiences of the city, or the general ‘British’ outlook is on the French but most notably, reading a Vice article written by a young Parisian who grew up and saw the city develop both culturally and economically.

There are a few points I definitely would agree on; central Paris is one of the most outrageously expensive cities I have travelled to, and if you’re caught slipping in the tourist hot spots you’re either going to get pick pocketed, accosted by innocent looking Romanian girls with photocopied Unicef deaf society headed paper on clipboards pretending to be deaf  and /or moved to by the younger’s.

Aside from a few negatives which you’re bound to find in most tourist destinations, the women are beautiful, the architectural landscape of the city is beguiling and if you’re happy to splash a little dough, you can get yourself some great food and garments.

I was surprised to see how for one of the most highly recognised fashion destinations, we struggled to connect or feel inspired by many of the locals. For the most part, you have gassed up Pigalle, snapback wearing pseudo high fashion heads cotching outside Collete, and your quinticential European get up which was well illustrated in the ‘Bonnie Banna – Champs-Élysées‘ post Oliie did a couple months ago. But if you dig deeper the vintage shops and surplus stores is where you’ll find the real gems. Our home base in particular Starcow is the most on point. Buying hand picked product from across the world paired with the hospitality that’ll make you feel right at home, it’s definitely worth checking for.

Biggup Bobby and the team at Starcow for looking after us and a special shout out to Bobby’s little man Lucian – who I will say is one of the most well dressed young men I have ever come across (check for that Patagonia).



















Check out the rest of the flicks HERE

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September 1st, 2014 by A.C

This Thursday, the wave is back!  BNTL presents Thurswave 002 – following up the original Thurswave back in 2012.  From now on we’re throwing a FREE party on the first Thursday of every month at The Alibi.  So go have a skinful of free booze on the First-Thursday gallery circuit and then stagger down to The Alibi and shake a leg with the BNTL Family and our special guests!

Bugle N Ten Lagers.. woooossshhh!!!

Facebook event page HERE

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All My Friends 003: Summer Jazz Series

September 1st, 2014 by Timi Two I's

All My Friends returns to Ace Hotel on Saturday 6th September for another outing of vibes, groove and skate films as the Summer Jazz Series draws to a close.

Hosting its first live band inside the space and off the back of their recent tour with King Krule; Thidius join the party for what is set to be something quite special from one of South London’s most intriguing new artists. Extra music comes from Young Poet Laureate and professional vibe-smith James Massiah. As well as friend of the family and label boss at Push & Run Records, Bub Al-Jabban and All My Friends’ monthly host, Celeste London.

As ever, entry into the party is free! You’ll just need to RSVP for guestlist:


For more information head across to

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No Bass: A Time In 2006

August 29th, 2014 by Timi Two I's

I was recently reminded of a track called ‘No Base’ by Ruff Sqwad by me old mucka Turfa. Hadn’t listened to this one in a very long time. A fact I would put down to, A: Just generally forgetting certain tunes you aren’t prompted to remember and B: I probably wasn’t prompted by anyone, or anything to listen to the track because like the title suggests, the tune contains absolutely no bass.

In the Bass driven Music culture of today, and of the last few years, it is a completely alien concept. So it’s no wonder I hadnt heard it, or thought about it in such a long time.  Who’s listening to tracks without Bass?!  If anything, Bass is kinda the only thing people have seemed to be interested in (and ‘the drop’ ofcourse). In the form of a hefty 808 kick drum in most cases today.

‘This kinda behaviour…’

Back in 2006, producers of the Grime RWD Forum generation, didn’t really have bass-lines, but rather low octave ‘synth-lines’ masquerading as bass.  As I mentioned in the Passing The Torch post, it was a lot of young teenagers shaping the sonic scape of Grime at that point.  Teenagers like myself (and me old pal Turfa, for that matter) were self taught FL Studio beat makers, who didn’t have the today’s available knowledge in regards to compression, side-chaining, mixing down and the importance of these practices.  So as a result, didn’t have them in our ‘pallet’ and subsequently focused on style in the form of melody and chord driven harmonic composition, over achieving a polished professional sound.

It was a nice experience being reminded that their was a point, no too long ago, where young underground music enthusiasts, producers and artists alike weren’t so Bass obsessed.  Pioneering a sound or style, innovating and changing was more important. Which is how it should be – in my humble opinion.  Ruff Sqwad made a conscious decision to make a track without any bass, and title it accordingly.  A decision that speaks volumes about their artistic integrity.

Anyway, whether you remember this tune or not, have a listen and experience dance music, without any Bass, delivered in a way that still manages to retain a ‘Grimey’ quality.

The original ‘No Base EP’ (yes they did spell Bass incorrectly, possibly for the same reasons we all used Z’s instead of S’s when we were young and gassed ) features vocals from Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder (before he was washed, obviously)  + the Grime aficionado and OG Grime Grandaddy Jammer. Feel free to check them all out on Youtube at your leisure.

‘Dont ever get it twisted though. I got love for Tinchy. Big’im up – He did alot still ‘

“Are you mad rude boy! Are you takin’ the mick! Not that mad and your not that sick any prick from the bits – TALKIN’ SHIT!”  

- Tinchy Stryder – No Base Vocal

Team UK 

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adidas #predatorinstinct Event

August 28th, 2014 by @ollie_danger

adidas went out there last night with a nuts football experience over in the Old Sorting office, I’m talking purpose built worlds with future marine looking dudes with laser tracking chasing you while you keep control of the ball…bonkers. All in aid of one of the sexiest football boots to hit stores since day.

And the boot (campaign shot by your boy)…

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I Just Wanna Be Free: North West Realness

August 23rd, 2014 by Timi Two I's

Not gunna do too much talking on Nines right now. Most people who are into ‘Actual Rap’ and UK rap in particular, should be aware of the progress Nine’s has made over the last couple years.

What I would like to highlight is one track entitled ‘Free’ off his latest mixtape ‘Loyal To The Soil’. Reason being, it strikes me as one of the realist tracks off the mixtape. I felt that it was important to point out, to those who may not know alot about Nines, but have been aware of his work and elevating profile, that although Nines (like most “Hood Rappers”) at first glance appears to be ignorantly glamourising “Hood Life”, in reality isn’t atall trying to perpetuate the culture. This track featuring Skrapz (formely known as Skrapsta, from his days doing the Grime ting) is a prime example. The quote below from Skrapz’s second verse really get’s the point across.

“I was in my cell, metal bars on window, dead though!
I ain’t tryna glorify the ting yo!
Little niggas 12 and he’s copying my lingo,
Telling’ me the other day he had to let his ting go,
I was like, Yo! What you know about strap?!
30 years in the pen, what you know about that?!
What you know about three man livin’ in a cell,
One man take a shit, every mans gotta smell!
No chillin’ on block, can’t fuck another girl,
Feels like you just landin’ in hell…”

- Skrapz

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