Boy Better Know Foundation: 10 Toppatop Selections From The JME Back Catalogue

Everyone know’s BBK’ah run tings right now, and as far as Grime’s concerned; have been front runners for the past decade. Speak to a cross section of Grime fans and aficionado’s at any point over the last 10 years and Boy Better Know would’ve had some clout in the conversation.

The Adenuga Brothers in particular have made a profound mark on British music, but with Skepta’s meteoric rise over the last couple years it’s easy to forget the sheer amount of work JME put into the BBK brand over the years; arguably being the driving force for introducing a new generation to Grime circa 2006, and subsequently playing a primary role as MC, producer and all round entrepreneur in laying the foundation for their success’ today.

That’s not to take anything away from Skepta; because we all know he’s put his graft in for equally as long – and especially of late – but on this occasion, I thought it was due that JME got some well deserved recognition.


So, here’s ’10 Toppatop JME Selections’ from his ‘Serious!’ back catalogue.


Standard – 2008

Hustle – 2006

Anger Room – 2006

Hyping – 2006

Don’t Get Rude (w/ Skepta) – 2006

96 Bars Of JME – 2006

Poomplex – 2006

Serious (Remix) – 2006

Test Me – 2015

Serious Thugz (w/ D Double E) – 2004

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