A Real Rotten Riddim

It seems like years since I heard a Dot Rotten track that didn’t sound like it had been made to please his record label, or as a seemingly contrived effort to break the US with one of those rapid-fire hi hat, 808 driven trap beats, or alternatively, one of those Drake style sob song vocals that seem to be the common blueprint for mass appeal among rap acts these days. Whatever the reason is for his less inspiring music of recent years it’s good to hear some new stuff that sounds genuine and raw.

Unfortunately, judging by the tracks on soundcloud the forthcoming ‘Minsane EP’ (in my opinion anyway), still has a lot of “blueprint” behaviour going on. A lot of rapid fire hi hats and 808’s making the overall sound of the EP quite boring. Though the vocals on the verses are generally quite strong across the EP, the intrumentals just don’t do it for me.┬áBut there is this one tune on there. Track entitled ‘Back’, this song makes you retain some faith in Dot ability to produce music that isn’t so formulaic. No bait hi hats, or any other kind of obvious mainstream influnces. A grime track that is a reminder that Dot can still produce fire, and deliver the shower vocals to match.

You can check out more tracks from the ‘Minsane’ EP on his soundcloud HERE