As I was looking to get back on the production, the plan today was to meet Brey for a studio session at his drum in Willesden. Unfortunately that got postponed to the following day as he had a prior engagement. So, after sending off my Lovebox festival review for Hyponik, I decided to head to Hackney and see if the mandem were kickin’ about; because I weren’t lookin’ to jam at yard all day like a little hermit.


Bumped into the King of Clapton AKA Ben Khuzz Khuzzy – Your quintessential active boy.

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Had a couple Shaun Ryders with Ben and Joey @ The Roost, but they both had shit to do so I decided to make tracks.


On my stroll down Stokey High Street I came across a man who handed me a flyer and directed me inside a non-descript cafe. My instincts at the time were to just carry on walking – as you do when a complete stranger hands you any kind of unexplained reading material – but after discovering it was for #blacklivesmatter, and given the circumstances, I thought it was the least I could do. Turns out the Q&A was organised by the Islington faction of Socialist Party with US #blacklivesmatter activist Ryan Watson and Socialist Party Member Hugo Pierre as lead speakers.

The speakers weren’t overly inspiring if i’m honest. I felt like I was being told a lot of things I already knew, but the fact remains; people were talking about the subject and genuinely making there best efforts to spread the message – so hail up them man.

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Gripsed a ‘NHS SOS’ poster which I intended to keep¬†and subsequently went into this Chicken Shop to ask Bossman if I could teef some of the unused bluetack on his windows – as there was plenty – and I wanted to avoid buying a big lump for one poster. Seemed like a waste of money, and a possible waste of Blue Tac.

There must’ve been some kind of miscommunication, because he responded with “Yes, you can put one poster there..”. Now although I genuinely wanted to keep the post, it was likely to serve the cause more being in the window of a busy London High Street than on my bedroom wall. So I stuck it up, did my small part for the movement and kept it moving. Biggup the socialist party for the poster, and biggup Bossman for representin’ – ¬†salute.

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