Started off the day in Willesden to meet Brey for a production session. The products of which will be available soon – hold tight.


Arguably the beughkey’ist Barbers on road..


While slidin’ through Shoreditch I crossed pathes with Lidia who was looking especially happy today – don’t ask me why..


After making beats and travelling from North West to East I’d had now arrived at the VIVOBAREFOOT launch party I been invited to. Click HERE for more info on VIVO.


Anyway, it was a good vibe. Plenty of complimentary food and drink; to which I took full advantage as I always do, and I had a lot of good conversations. Namely with Galahad Clark (descendant of the Clark family and founder of VIVOBAREFOOT) who I spent the best part of 45minutes critiquing his brand with – most notably saying point blank that the ‘BAREFOOT’ aspect of the brand name was a massive turn off and they should consider rebranding..

The opinions, or I guess, the sheer raggo’ness of my uncensored opinion was well received. So much so that we’ve got a meeting next week to talk about how the brand could be improved. So, hang tight for the visuals from my linkup with the VIVO mandem – should be interesting


Peigh keepin’ the social media flowin’ like a boss.


After making music, making criticisms and making new friends I decided to go see my old friends as the lads were down at Shoreditch Power-league for the weekly 7 a side sesh.


The boys were knackered but my stamina game was on fleek – largely because I hadn’t just played 60 minutes of intense football. So I span down to Oval Space/The Pickle Factory to buck up with a few pals and continue the session.

_KHS0069~2_KHS0082~2 _KHS0096~2_KHS0087~2_KHS0092~2_KHS0095~2_KHS0097~2_KHS0098~2

After the fun was done at The Pickle Factory we jumped in a cab down to Visions for some follow up movements.

After continuing the relentless alcohol consumption at Visions it was official – I WAS STEAMIN’. So much so that I ended up jumpin’ on stage without a wristband and was subsequently – and swiftly – ejected from the dance.

I’ll hold my hands up, it was a bit extra.. Maybe it was time for me to go home..


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