Slid down to Kensal to link the mandem yesterday for another music jam at Brey’s yard – though this time – buckin’ up with Bakar to have a production session for his inaugural  project.
_KHS0016~2 _KHS0021~2
‘Don’t Watch Man’
After pitchin’ in on pickin’ beats and developing lyrics it was time for Bakar to bless the mic..
_KHS0039~2 _KHS0054~2 _KHS0049~2
‘Brey Reuben’ loungin’ on the unothodox – incredibly relaxed – production approach… “Differr’ent stylee..” _KHS0057~2
I dunno if it was the fire beats, Bakar’s fire vocals or just the lack of ventilation but the room was warminsin’ – literally and figuratively..
Certain man decided it was time to go topless; Which took the tone of the occasion in a next direction still…
Bakar takin’ it to Chiraq – comin’ like Chief Keef inna dis..
I kicked out prematurely because I’m an active chap and had arranged to swing down to Hoxton to have a casual link up with my lady friend who didn’t wish to be baited; so these are the only visuals from this area of the evening, y’get me.
The activities for the day were done – Time to ess out.
 _KHS0084~2_KHS0083~2 _KHS0085~3_KHS0091~3_KHS0108~2
Biggup Bakar and Brey (Reuben) especially, but hail up AC and everyone who pitched in during the studio session. This songs soundin’ strong – believe.. Hang tight for previews..

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