After a day of skatin’ up, down, and around the city collecting p’s and seeing my g’s – true to form – in the latter part of my evening an impromptu opportunity arose to consume credible culture, and I took advantage.


From High Barnet, to Lewisham and then on from Lewisham to Stokey for a couple fine summer beverages I was eventually invited along by my pal to meet a friend of hers as he was performing at a spoken word event at 9pm, and given that i’m an active geeza, I thought; hey, why not? Got fuck all else to do tonight – let’s roll!


Interestingly enough that particular spoken word artist was none other than London’s leading light of underground Urban poetry James Messiah; small world init??_KHS0002~2


As expected James delivered the brand of homegrown-humble-humorous rhetoric those who’re aware of him have come to expect to – salute.


Shouts to Watusi also. This yoot came with some serious stage presence and some soulful sounds with an aggressive nuisance which he seemed to balance well with the positive undertones of his music – hail’im up!


NEAZ – UP (N16)


Check Alchemy Nights HERE for more info. There’s quite an open social atmosphere there and a decent vibe, so if you’re poetically inclined its probably a good place to meet new people; or just enjoy a drink in a dimly lit afrocentric intellectual atmosphere – which is a nice change from the plethora of wanker-bars on the strip.


The Wilson Primark spesh – that’s how a man’s rollin. Dead payin’ for that over priced eediat stuff – socks don’t even last five bloody minutes; so why waste the readies?!

– Food for thought // My poetic offering for the day..


Back in the honoary ends..


…til the next time

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