Loungin’ waitin’ for Joey AKA Slowey to get his skates on and buck man..

He eventually did turn up bearing gifts in the form of instant noodles and some fine cherry tomatoes – forgiven; coz a’man was hungry still..


After watchin’ some old Kurupt FM episodes and slurpping away at my noodles it was time to swing south to link up with a couple of my southside bredrins..


Met this lot at the ‘Prince of Wales’ in bricky; a lovely battle cruiser in the heart of Little Jamaica._KHS0032~2


On to the next one..




Keepin’ it Movin’


Certain heads on a munch..


Certain heads on a raise..




After a bit’a this and a bit’a that, some Prosecco, some music and some conversation at Steve’s drum we decided to call it a night – it was  a Tuesday afterall..


Tune of the evening..

..til the next time


  • anon says:

    this series is cold!

    • http://www./ says:

      i grew up between arnhem and nijmegen, and lived in both cities more then 6 years. and almost everything is recognizable to me or around me. its good that YOU have an opinion but don’t include the other 9 provinces in your opinion.. ( yess 9… holland is 2, you are 1 and with 9 it makes 12,,)

    • We have MIT giving away classroom on line also there is a man that has I think the khan institute(see my favorites) he teaches about ANY subject and he has the creds to bck it up. Even if you can’t get into a school you can begin learning with these people seek a personal tourtor and you would get the education just not the credit. After you get the education you can go to a school test out all those levels and get credit. Chimes sell used books cheap.Does this sound like a plan?

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