It was a day of the usual affairs – Link up’s and drink up’s; scope visuals:


FYI: This bredda is on Brick Lane shiftin’ patches; worth a butchers if you’re looking to get your patch game up…


The ultimate destination for the night.


Linked up with James (Steady Levels) and couple of his work pals for two-two pints, a few snouts and a frank and pat..

_KHS0030~2_KHS0022~2_KHS0033~2_KHS0024~2_KHS0025~2_KHS0039~2_KHS0035~2_KHS0043~2 _KHS0044~2_KHS0047~2

As expected Boiler Room was an absolute roadblock! Shouts to Tim for speedin’ up a man’s entry – rate that, respect that.

_KHS0052~2_KHS0057~2_KHS0058~2 _KHS0070~2_KHS0080~2

Soul Clap and some interesting characters with him in the Green room….

_KHS0092~2 _KHS0090~2 _KHS0086~2_KHS0095~2

Shouts to Louis in the Lurkers Tee. Caught a lot of joke with this yoot….

_KHS0107~2 _KHS0110~2 _KHS0112~2

Jess (Juice Gee) who was skankin’ for England last night – Gwarn girl…

_KHS0116~2 _KHS0123~2 _KHS0118~2

B’s up – Brum mandem


Mash up – Drunk mandem_KHS0121~2_KHS0129~2

Ending the evening with an impromptu piano set from the barse himself; Mr Kerri Chandler – it was an honour..


Deepa chords..


Shouts to AC, Brey and Gwil – it’s a multiple birthday wave tonight:


Watch for the visuals…

’til the next time

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