Today is the 1st Thursday of the month, which ofcourse means exhibiton openings and free alcohol. Yesterday I was with me old pal Sean Rennison-Phillips who was preparing another interactive exhibition at Proof Gallery on Chesire Street (off Brick Lane)..


Spuds to Josh for settin’ me this momento from his prior exhibition at ¬†Proof – hang tite Bruce; pictured ridin’ the wave below..


Art aint all about paint brushes and pretentious press releases – often elbow grease and breakin’ out the power tools is an essential part of the game..


Without giving too much away, unlike a lot of exhibitions this show is interactive, allowing for a more immersive experience than your avaerage. ‘Raw+’ opens this evening and I highly recommend you have a butchers, get involved and enjoy some free alcoholic beverages in the process..

More information HERE


E1 – Tension


’til the next time..


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