I was enlisted by the guys at Exposure London along with Emma reppin’ The Independant, Jack holdin’ it up for Complex UK, Mike on this ting for The Huffington Post + Tom (a colonmist from the infamous Evening standard) and Chris were ridin’ the freelance wave to fly out to Amsterdam for 2 nights on a press trip prior to the launch of Heinken’s new beverage; the Heinken ‘H41’.
Here’s how the trip progressed:


While the rest of the crew decided to head off to go for some drinks, me and Jack obviously had other ideas.


Stopped in this strange gaff for a couple after linkin’ up with the group. The sound track was that old man you can see to the right shouting all sorts’ah suttem and the most horrendous dutch pop music. The bartender was a whippa but thats literally the only reason this area of the evening is even being recalled – large ‘er up!


Back to the base for a quick UK vibes session and to hit the hey..

New day, new activities. After over sleeping and missing breakfast I just about made it down in time to jump on the bike tour. Hazy-eyed and after crashing into a parked moped and almost falling off my bike within the first 3 or 4 minutes I avoided taking photo’s while on the move for this activity for my own safety and of those around me.



Despite being to dam more times I could count on two hands, It was nice seeing parts of Dam I probably wouldn’t visit..


After a boat trip around Dam backsin’ off pure complimentary Heinekens we arrived at the brewery for a tour, a history lesson, and, well – more Heineken._khs06962_khs06982_khs06992_khs07012_khs07022_khs07032_khs07082_khs07092_khs07062_khs07122_khs07132_khs07182_khs07162_khs07152_khs07232_khs07282_khs07292_khs07332

We’d bowled round the brewery on our extensive tour and at last we’d finally got the chance to try ‘H41’. And in short.. The new brew was levels! Smoother, stronger and right up my alley.


After getting an extensive talk about Heinekens commitment to preserving its brand identity and integrity in image and taste I came to understand that Heineken really do take their shit seriously.
When you take a trip around the brewery; see the Heineken horses who have daily trips around the city to promote the brand (we were assured they received statutory leave); experience the history of the branding which there were ahead of their time for in the early alcohol market, plus their devout commitment to preserving their identity in their marketing and the Heinken taste and style as a pilsner, when you taste the Heineken H41 it ticks the boxes. They’ve successfully crafted a new ‘Truly Heineken’ beer that is perplexingly 1.3% stronger and 100% smother to drink. And for someone like me, this was basically the perfect combination.
So, when it does eventually hit the drafts pumps of our British pubs, i’ll certainly be ‘avin a glass of the good-stuff.


After getting in from our final night in Amsterdam; with everyone turning in to catch some zed’s before our early flight. I decided that being that I was completely I was still up and at it I thought I’d hit the town and try find somewhere to cut shapes for a couple ours before flying out.


Unfortunately my camera flat-lined and had to hit the charger so I couldn’t catch any visuals. But needless to say, after asking enough locals I found a place called ‘Dolly’s’ 5 mins off Dam Square which was playing normal music – as opposed to the hideous dutch Karaoke-Pop we’d been been subjected to the night before. I soaked up the vibes, cut 2-2 shapes, reasoned with a couple Californian chicks, convinced the manager to let me stay for the lock in as I was killing time and after leaving and having to pay some geeza €5 to use his blower to log into my gmail to find out what my hotel was called after completely forgetting it I made it back in time for breakfast: all’s well the that bloody ends well, alie?


’til the next time

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