Continuing on from the Nike X Roundel party in Vol. 24 we slopped out of Charing Cross station and into the heart of Westminster to seek an after motive as the high energy Heartless Crew set we’d just been bruckin’ out too had left the crew amped up and eager to keep the nigh rollin’.






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We found a near by battle cruiser but that venue was short lived because it was about 11:30 and virtually all boozers were callin’ last orders; but we remained optimistic and continued to herd around central London to find a place to play..


Couple of the mandem – myself included – got separated from the rest of the gang largely due to lack of attention. But we kept ourselves entertained while we tried to track down the rest of the firm..

_khs02992 _khs02812 _khs02772 _khs02832

Certain inconsiderate guys decided to rest their legs for a piece..

_khs02552 _khs03032 _khs02872 _khs02922_khs02732

Reunited and it feels so good; especially when it involves a crafty little zoot..

_khs03272 _khs02062 _khs02092 _khs02072 _khs02182 _khs01942 _khs02482_khs02162 _khs03372

After bowlin’ around central for tiiiime – for better or worse – we finally found a gaff that could accommodate us.. Albeit, temporarily..

_khs03952 _khs03392 _khs03592 _khs03412 _khs03502 _khs03562 _khs03642 _khs03662 _khs03652 _khs03432 _khs01882

And it was at this point that everything went pear. I stood on the sofa to take a rowdy group photo at which point apparently one of the bouncers had told me to get down – without taking anytime to consider the fact that we’re in a loud and very busy nightclub and hearing or noticing his prompt to get down was obviously highly unlikely to be registered..

_khs03692The bouncers came stormin’ over lookin’ aggy and on a war ting, but the crew sprang into action as they came at us; with a certain girl (who won’t be named) warding them off by dashing a full pint of lager at one of the bouncers cannisters; another girl (who also won’t be named) squaring up to another bouncer to represent for the crew; and two of the mandem gettin’ in the mix to back the impending threat.

Needless to say, I along with my two male mates who backed it we were ejected from the club – but the girls got to stay.. and fair play to ’em – in my opionion they’d earn’t their stripes to enjoy a few more bevvys indoors: Ladies (who can’t be mentioned) – salute.

_khs03722 _khs03742 _khs03772 _khs04022


_khs04012 _khs03792 _khs03812 _khs03882Out…

_khs03842 _khs03932 _khs04072 _khs04152

’til the next time..

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