If you were locked in to Radar Radio last Thursday @ around 7pm you would’ve been aware of the Nike X Radar Radio 5km run which was taking place at the time. A 5km run around the east end which I was taking part in. I’m not really a running man, I’m more of bench press kinda geeza; but I got stuck in anyway for the free clobber and the benefits of exercise.

Here’s how the evening progressed:


Hang tite me for being the only person rockin’ the Black Lunarlon’s because I requested black trainers on a rudeboy-diva flex. Man don’t par with the coloured crep like that so it had to be done still..

Anyway, ┬áthe Lunarlon’s were a pleasure to run in; had my size 13 half African feet feeling like they were floating on thin air.




5k done! Marsh mellows and hot chocolate for the gang-gang..


Between the “street art” pit stops and the well constructed footwear the 5k run was actually a minor to complete; so much so it genuinely had me considering taking up abit’ah running. Whether that actually comes off or not remains to be seen. But, needless to say I enjoyed the run. So shouts to Exposure London, Nike and Radar Radio for the experience; you may’ve changed me..


’til the next time..

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