On Wednesday I finally had the opportunity to visit Theo (Motive) at the Bank Holiday Records HQ for a meeting about me having some involvement in the label. In addition to this, I was once again enlisted by the good guys at Hyponik to write another piece; this time an interview with me old pal Steve (Oneman) for their bi-monthly zine.

It was gunna be a busy day..


Breezed through Shoreditch to have a quick buck up at the Hyponik office and ran into Pro Green on the strip.

After establishing that we had mutual friends and that he knew about BNTL I proposed an interview; why not eh? He agreed – so keep an eye out for that one…


Got down to the Bank Holiday Studio and Elf Kid’s session with Conducta was just about to start rollin’..



Smashed it!


Don’t sleep on this yoot. Elf Kid was spittin’ pure fire on Conducta’s skippy-soulful Grime beats and if you ask me, the two tracks that are on the way are gunna make a whole heap’a noise – trust..


After sitting in on Elf Kid and Conducta’s session – offering my input – and having a good talk with Theo it was time to duck. I left the Bank Holiday HQ and┬áheaded from Kings Cross to Peckham to link Steve for the interview – via Notting Hill to pick up some bits from Charlie (A.IN.T) to pass on.

A.IN.T back inna dis. Another interview that’ll be on it’s way – hold tight..


Got down to Peckham and after taking my phone off flight mode – coz a man’s conservative with the battery life – I’d realised that Steve had tried to contact me sayin a prior interview at Rye Wax had been cancelled so he was looking to stay in, so rather than sitting in a bar and chewing the fat, why not spin down to Streatham and do the interview at his yard instead.


Turns out Steve doesn’t just love record collecting.. He likes collecting..well, everything.. Vintage Michael Jackson stickers, Space Jam stickers, The Face Magazines, Festivals passes, nondescript ┬ácables; all sorts…



After a couple double cups and a few Buju Banton’s a visit to the shop was in order to reup on essentials and grips a munch.


Steve opted for the Costcutter selection.. I held out for the chicken shop selection..

I think certain man may’ve regretted their decision still…


Look out for the we did interview. We had an hour and a half long candid conversation covering everything from British Youth Culture trends to Public Relationships – so it’ll be an insightful piece; without any of the generic questions or answers you come to expect from these types of interviews…


It was a long productive day; hence the delay..

Hang tight Elf Kid and Conducta – the studio session was silly! Keep it locked for more visuals and updates on the work from the Bank Holiday Records team as I’ll be getting stuck in with some A&R work and touching studio regularly to document the movement going forward..

’til the next time…

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