Blairy Hendrix, and The London Dancehall Wunderkinds

The Urban, Afro-British division of UK music is alive and vibrant among young London musicians, tastemakers and creators alike. 18 year old Blairy Hendrix is one of a pack of producers who’re bringin’ a new flavour to British Urban music; namely, with the Afrobeats, Bashment and Rap infused sound that’s being shaped by young gunners like Blairy, and MC’s like Sneakbo, J Hus, Belly Squad, Tion Wayne, Kojo Funds and more. If you aint got round to it, scope the article I knocked together on the subject of this burgeoning sound for Noisey HERE.

Now, let’s get to the crux of this particular post. Blairy Hendrix, who, is not only responsible for J Hus’ break through hood anthem ‘Dem Boy Paigon’ (as stated in the aforementioned Noisey piece), but, he’s also been on the buttons bangin’ out riddims for the guys like MoStack, Section Boyz Belly Squad and Yung Reeks, as well as spending time in the studio with man like Stylo G to name a few – so, despite his age, he’s been a busy lad, and doesn’t look like he’s looking to let up any time soon.


During the process of interviewing Blairy for the Noisey piece, we discussed the future of his music, and he mentioned that him and his production partner ‘Joshua Beatz’ are developing the sound to have more of a contemporary vibe; which I interpreted as – introducing more of the Trap sound, while retaining the swagger and appeal of the Afrobeats influences that make there beats distinct. “We’re just trying to be ahead of everyone, because musics evolving everyday. The same sound that J Hus came with; ‘Dem Boy Paigon’ isn’t the same sound that we have now. You have to be ready to catch the next wave. We’ve clocked that, so we’re just trying to make more weird, experimental things.. I put bongo’s in the track! Ya’kna mean? That’s the things I do just to try and experiment and push the craft a bit more.”  Were some of the many things Blairy said during our conversation, and that part, in particular, was good to hear they were being more experimental as I got the impression when I listened to their music that it was fresh, it forward thinking, it was tough… but there was room for growth, and it was encouraging to know that, that’s exactly what they’re working on as we speak.

Look at this track from MoStack’s latest mixtape ‘Gangster With Banter’ entitled ‘Stop Lying Pt 2’. Though not a song produced by Blairy – in fact produced by Wild Boy Ace, is one of some new tracks that signify the growth in not only the production levels, but the creativity of the MC’s, demonstrated in the themes, vocals concepts and some level of elevated social consciousness of artists (MoStacks in particular) that’s taking place in this particular scene.

“I can’t believe them guys,
I can’t believe them lies.
If a muslim shoots then they say he’s just a terrorist,
White boy shoots then they claim he’s lost on heroin,
He’s just a mad man!
Free my niggers coz I hate prison,
I swear the feds should get locked up for racism!
And GUNSHOT if you rape women!
You shoulda went to the brothel an’na stayed in it..”
-MoStack (Stop Lying Pt 2 – Gangster With Banter)

Now back to Blairy. Although not making an appearance on MoStacks latest mixtape, yet being responsible for ‘MoStack – One Day’ – one of MoStack’s breakthrough anthems of last year, Blairy’s been busy in other areas of the creative sphere. As it happens, dividing his time between making music and honing his craft as an actor. His maturity, drive and comprehensive attitude towards his crafts and career are far beyond his years and I’m sure, as he grows up, and grows as an artist (along with his production team ‘Beat Beights – BB8’) we’re going to see a lot more from him; possibly in more than just music.

His forthcoming EP ‘Who Would’ve Thought’ is scheduled to touch down in Autumn this year, and we’ll be droppin’ the exclusive right here on BNTL – so hold tight for that ting there. For now though, you can get to know Blairy – the producer, actor and East Londoner; and learn little more about the movement from this insightful 20 minute documentary entitled ‘#18themovie’ that was put together by the man himself and the guys at Mixtape Madness.

“For this project we are combining the original Trapfrobeats system with an element of club and dancehall..” – Blairy Hendrix (‘Who Would’ve Thought EP’ – Autumn, 2016)

After making numerous request, I was fortunate to get Blairy to share with us a cheeky snippet of a tracks the in the works for the ‘Who Would’ve Thought’ project, which you can scope out below:

You can follow Blairy on Twitter HERE to stay up to date, check the Soundcloud HERE, and once again, look out for the forthcoming projects from Blairy and his collective ‘Beat Beights’ landin’ later this year.

The movement is in full effect, and there’s more development to come, more music to drop and more producers to biggup. So look out for a BNTL post on another producer who’s been making waves in the UK scene in the same realm, only in his case, bringing a more Chiraq influenced drilled out 808 heavy sonic stylee to the Trapfrobeats ‘Trap’ side of the equation.

To be continued…

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