So, Twitter Friday night and all over Saturday was littered with debate about the heavily anticipated ‘Red Bull Culture Clash’. Fake dubs, Drake dubs, Popcaan tellin’ Fekky to suck his Mum and all sorts of stand out moments were seasoning the conversation on social media; most notably ‘Ice Kid’s’ surprise appearance for Wiz Khalifa’s crew ‘Taylor Gang’, which had the rogue MC trending on Twitter in it’s wake. Culture Clash was captivating what seemed like, well, everyone. But despite the excitement it was generating there was a UK rapper who was also trending on Twitter Friday night without any ties to the event.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. But, you’ll have to let me digress quickly; it’ll all make sense shortly…

So, for most – or atleast the majority of new fans – the identity of the menacing mask clad mic man by the name of LD (67) has been a bloody mystery.  And as such, with that mystery, has come mystique and intrigue. When asked about his reasons for wearing what has become his trademark mask in a recent interview with Complex Magazine he say’s “You know what? It’s too much to explain. It’s all a bit mad! Just know that it was an original idea…”. Neglecting to give much away, the question marks and the mystery remained for the masses.


Then this happened. ‘This’ being when a UK rapper by the name of ‘Scribz’ made his dramatic return to the UK Rap scene with an announcement that had Jaws droppin’ and Twitter poppin’.

According to Scribz’s Twitter he’d been on a “2 year ban” – which I’d assume is a court ordered gang injunction/ASBO where a person is banned from making any songs or videos that encourage violence; be in the local area with more that two people, or go down certain streets.

This ban would’ve prevented Scribz from continuing to release music as he was, so he allegedly packed that in began writing for LD. As the two year ban had now expired he made the announcement that he was back, and considering a potential collaboration with LD. Which is – for obvious reasons – a bit disjointed considering  he was supposedly some sort of ghostwriter LD. But, with that said, it was this particular announcement that broke the internet, because on face value it doesn’t seem to add up, but when you dig a little deeper it makes for interesting turn of events.

Scribz tweeted the announcement of his return with a 30 second snippet of his forthcoming Music Video ‘Wicked and Bad’; bearing his face and spittin’ greaze.. Interestingly, spittin greaze with the same people, in the same tone of voice, and with same swagger we’ve come to associate with LD. It was this realisation that caused a frenzy on social media because in doing so it dispelled the mystique that surrounded LD and answered two questions that had been on the minds of the majority of 67’s new fans. What’s the mask all about? And, what does this geeza actually look like?

So, Scribz is back – Back like he never left, because, it would seem, he never did. The speculation around LD’s identity, as well as his motives for wearing his trademark mask were put to rest in the most captivating way.


It would seem that the ban that prevented Scribz from keeping his original moniker was a catalyst for the birth of a new one that’s gone on to outgrow the original and become synonymous with a new wave of UK street music. Because of this, and also when you consider the plans for merchandising the mask that were also detailed in the recent 67 interview, we can assume that the mysterious ‘character’ known as LD will probably return because “money affi mek” and the LD brand has value. I guess we’ll have to hold tight and see how things shape out.


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