In recent years there’s been a growing trend among the young forward thinking fashionista’s or ‘style bods’ for want of a better term. Where fashion accolades were awarded to those in the most expensive, most sought after premium brands, today that seems to be noticeably shifting.

Reminiscent of the late 70s Punk scene in culture and climate. ‘DIY’ style is making a meteoric return. With the likes of Ryan Hawaii, Elizabeth Ilsley and Ibeye Camp starting custom style brands, along with others outside of any kind of traditional fashion venture, but simply as appreciators of style are now choosing to add patches, paint, stitch and redesign or otherwise alter there clothes for a more personal sense of style. This freedom of expression is at the core of what BNTL stands for. This is the original and true meaning of the term ‘Streetwear’, an area that brought many of the BNTL members together and was continually championed by the site.

So in light of this growing trend and our long standing love for clothes and style; from shooting lookbooks for Lacoste as well as Mishka & Staple back in ’09 – we put together the ‘SPIRIT OF 77 LOOKBOOK’ to celebrate the cultural shift to a more creative and rebellious fashion scene; and to exhibit some of the pieces that we’d customised or designed ourselves to showcase and inspire.

As the principles of the aforementioned Punk scene are so close to this burgeoning DIY style culture we made it the theme of the Lookbook; Set and shot in the area most notorious for being the stomping ground of the original Punks in the late 70s – The Kings Rd, SW10.

From Sloane Square to Worlds End Estate via BNTL we present to you the ‘SPIRIT OF 77 LOOKBOOK’:








Photography: Tom Spellman

Art Direction: Timi Ben-Edigbe

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