Things to Come / Music Production Preview

Summer is firmly upon us and in the nature of #ACTIVEBOYS I’ve been keeping busy.. A few trips abroad here and there, a day / night party in Peckham, NTS ¬†radio shows with the homie Impey and finally feeling inspired again to take myself out of a long hiatus from the music production game. Shout out my hard drive that failed on me last year, leading me to lose all my productions, photos and music ūüôĀ RIP!

Impey, Last Japan, Myself @ NTS – Photo by Asia Ella


With that said, let’s kick things off with the latest NTS show from Impey, myself and some impromptu guests along the way.. The night started off early with us quite literally ‘turning up’ (to jam) with the homies Last Japan and Blackwax for their Circadian Rhythms show and later AG (she is definitely one to watch out for). Listen back to their shows via the NTS Mixcloud: HERE

By the time the two shows before us had finished we were sufficiently waved, a few pints and zoots down¬†the planned agenda for the show went out the window and we were rollin’ with¬†the flow of things.. Keep an ear out for some fresh bits from myself and Impey in the mix.
Hope you lot enjoy the show as much as we did!

I had a few day’s off recently and took it upon myself to sit down to write some new bits. I been working with all sorts of tempos but feeling most comfortable at around 140BPM is a given.. Here’s a little preview of something I’ve been working on..

To finish up, keep an eye out for a collaborative track I made with Impey forthcoming on his EP on Jon Phonics’ imprint Astral Black. The next party¬†I will be hosting in Peckham is on the FRIDAY 26TH¬†AUGUST with a hefty line up and an photo exhibition with our pals over at V.Blocc, details to follow..

Until then.. Peace, Love and Unity!

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