Top 5 Polish Beer Selections

Here in “Great Britain” we’re renowned for teefin’ practically anything we take a liking to and appropriating it as a staple of our own culture.

Fish & Chips, Tea and even the regal sport of Polo; Britain is notorious for successfully appropriating culture. Even the most blatant staple of all staples ‘The Pub’ was invented by the Romans, and the beer that’s most commonly drunk in your stereotypically British Pub, by your stereotypically British lout, and most associated with your stereotypical British Pub bod, ‘Stella’ (the wife beaters beer of choice) is a product of Belgium.

Needless to say, cultural integration and appropriation has had a profound impact on British heritage. The most recent of which being the influx of Eastern Europeans settling down and bringing their own heritage, culture and more specifically their beer into the ‘Great British Blend’. Polish beers are becoming quite well represented in our off licenses and as a result we’ve been presented with a fresh range of beverages that otherwise probably wouldn’t be on our shelves.

So given the nature of British appropriation, our personal appreciation for multiculturalism and love for beer here at BNTL, we thought we should award our Polish comrades some kudos with this ‘Top 5 Polish Beer Selections’ feature.


We acquired the assistance of our old pal; Boiler Room’s premier crowd surfer and connoisseur of fine malted hops ‘Mr. Doiminic Simms’ to help produce this post.


‘Boiler Room #40 YOYO Takeover – January, 2011’

So without further delay, here we present to you the ‘BNTL – Top 5 Polish Beer Selections’:


Okocim 7% (pronounced Okoshim)



“Okocim has a deeper darker taste; kinda reminiscent of a Guinness in that way. It’s incredibly strong and a beer that you’ll find mangled on the ground as if it’d been furiously stamped into the pavement”


Tyskie 5.6%



“Tyskie’s are overhyped. They’re an alright beer overall, but I honestly don’t think they taste anywhere near as nice as other Polish beers of the same alcohol level; plus they seem to give you the most horrible hangovers”


Debowe (pronounced Debboe) 7%


“Debowe is the head top turner! Tastes decent for how strong it is, but this should never be your first beer of the night, otherwise you will’ve set the tone for a catastrophic bender. Exercising moderation is crucial when dealing with the Debowe”


Zubr (pronounced Zoobrah) 6%


“Zubr is a 6% larger that tastes way better than you would expect. With it’s deceptively smooth flavour it makes for an effective beer to drink if you’re looking to get moderately pissed, relatively quickly.”



Zywiec (pronounced Schiviet) 5.6%


” Zywiec is by far the smoothest and best tasting of the Polish beer selections. It’s like Stella, but just tastes so much better. It has the potential to be the new Stella once people learn to pronounce the name correctly”


There you have it. Now when you’re in the off license deciding what larger to send in; ignore the inherent temptation to buy a Red Stripe, Stella, Heineken or any of the other recognised brands and try out something new. Try out some of the newly integrated and inevitably appropriated selections of fresh British beers that our “Great British” off-licences now have to offer.

Hang tight the Polski crew, and biggup Spellman on the flicks.


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