Top Sets: The 5 Most Relevant Crews In The Capital

Pack mentality and the nature of rollin’ deep and keeping a tight circle of ride or die brudda’s has an intrinsic link to youth culture and the street side of inner city life, in particular. As a result, when you look back at the rich history of street music in the US and the UK, crews, cartels and clans in there many forms, from Wu Tang to Ruff Sqwad have always been an symbolic embodiment of Urban youth.

When you look at the UK today it’s apparent that we’re seeing a rise in MC’s making moves in groups, especially, but not exclusively, within the glorious Grime scene. Stay Fresh and Invasion are arguable the front runners for the midlands, and the northern gang, but in London, holdin’ it up for Southern England, you’ve got a few crews making some serious momentum; clockin’ some dizzying digits on YouTube; reppin’ for the underground, and in some cases shaping a new British street sounds.

So likes get down to it. Here is, in my humble opinion ‘The 5 Most Relevant Crews In The Capital’:




Some may argue that because of the whole Big H P Money Lord Of The Mic’s clash saga where H came out of it with his reputation in need of serious repair, ‘Bloodline’ would possibly be a bit of a mad choice for this post. But, this post ain’t mean’t to celebrate the artists who’ve managed to maintain a spotless reputation, it’s all about relevance. And if anything, that series of events may’ve even added to Big H’s relevance in the aftermath ,and in turn, Bloodlines relevance today.

Despite that saga, I believe Bloodline should be here for a couple simple reasons. Big H is still capable of layin’ down the catchy cruddy Grime hooks like he did on ‘Side By Side’ with President T and Bossman; the track they did with Spyro, which, judging by public and personal opinion was a certified smash. Ontop of that President T’s latest release ‘Greatest To Ever Touch Down’ which a couple months ago, received critical acclaim among the Grime hardcore – and I’m sure we’ll see something from Bossman soon, though a Bloodline mixtape or album would be ideal. So, in regards to relevance, based on how big ‘Side by Side’ was, plus President T’s gritty Grime album and the overall Grime buzz this year, I would say it’s safe to assume that Bloodline could be putting in more work in the coming months. We’ll just have to see if H can keep himself out of trouble long enough to get it finished.






This Brixton goon squad have been building the street buzz for a minute, but really blew up on the roads last year. The easiest way to describe 67 is ‘Like Section Boyz… but way more gun talk, and so, so much more crudd’. There’s slylee an element of humour with Section Boyz, its more trap trap trap, brap brap brap, stack stack stack and ‘ave a laugh with the lads later. 67 on the other hand, it’s trap trap trap, brap brap brap, stack stack stack and repeat; real street shit – straight hood imagery and road talk; strictly serious business 67’ah deal wid.

When you listen to their music you aren’t left with an ounce of doubt that they put in as much work as they say they do, and that not only adds to the appeal, it practically is the appeal. The credibility and authenticity of the street talk is undeniable – Real brudda’s, who do “real” things. Gritty vocals set against a dark soundtrack drawing influences from the US Drill sound wrapped with a distinctly Brixton style.





Belly Squad

Now, you might be thinking “Oi, what’s goin’ on ‘ere then?..Belly Squad?? Who the rarse are these bredda’s?” – but, allow me to explain. Although I put 67 at number 4, and 67 most probably do have a bigger fanbase and more heat right now, Belly Squad are a part of a fresh forward movement which is being heavily supported by a young fanbase that’s growing in mass and “growing up”. 14 to 16 seems to be the age range of the core youngers who’re banging Belly Squad tracks and getting behind the Afro-British Bashment & Afrobeats influenced sound that’s being shaped by the likes of J Hus, MoStack, Timbo, Sneakbo and many more… I’ve got a peice cookin’ with Noisey on the the subject of this burgeoning sound, so look out for that droppin’ real soon – just had to throw that in there..

Anyway, here’s a couple Belly Squad bangers to wet your whistle.




Section Boyz

I don’t really think an explanation is necessary here. These man are doin’ a ‘ole ‘eap’ah madness. And if you didn’t know. You probably stopped reading this a while ago.

Hang tight Section. Croydon stan’ up!




Boy Better Know


Say no more..

As with all that’s going on the island this year you can expect more big tunes coming from these man and the rest of the British Urban Music roster of top flight MC’s, Vocalists and crews; especially Novelist, who, after leaving The Square last year is gearing up, to light it up with his new firm ‘Tug Set’ who’ve yet to drop any music but have been building the buzz on social media for a minute now, and based on the venomous anti-establishment anthem ‘Street Politician AKA David Cameron Riddim’ Novelist put out last month, Tug Set are looking like another UK crew creepin’ on a come up.

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